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Safety Floor & Vinyl Tiles

Amtico, Karndean and Polyflor super vinyl tile products, perfect to provide the finish to create that Feature vinyl floor. We specialise in both vinyl plank and bespoke designs.

With the introduction of safe flooring, a significant reduction in slips and falls on wet, icy or greasy surfaces are a major benefit for industry, commercial premises, retail shops, schools and colleges. We can supply and install safety flooring products in commercial situations as a requirement for health & safety risk management programs in accident prevention means Safety flooring provides a safe, comfortable and durable floor requiring minimal maintenance, are stain resistant and easy to keep clean. Safety flooring is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs and can be created for a multitude of applications such as swimming pool surrounds, sports halls, hospitality and recreational areas, hotel reception areas, bathrooms, corridors, car showrooms, restaurants, laundry rooms, theatres, cinemas, exhibition stands, museums, for ramps, steps, garage and factory & bakery floors etc. With a wide variety of decors, the main features of these floor coverings are ease of installation and maintenance and excellent wear and slip resistance properties. Safe floors are:

  • slip resistant
  • wet or dry use
  • self draining - no puddles
  • easy to clean
  • chemical resistant
  • durable & uv stable
  • withstands temperature extremes
  • attractive designs
  • absorbs sound
  • comfortable to walk & stand on
  • moveable, reusable & recycle

Safety Flooring The floor preparation is the key to a successful vinyl floor installation. We have a vast experience in the installation of DPM’s and preparations using all types of latex screeds and plywood subfloors to accept all feature and anti-slip vinyl floors.



Linoleum is very ecologically friendly and highly hygenic- the ingredients are natural. Although it can last fifty years and more, with the ability to handle heavy traffic over it, linoleum flooring is ultimately fully biodegradable and does not release PVCs into the air.

Genuine linoleum is extremely hard wearing and it actually gets stronger with age as the linseed oil oxidises.

As linoleum is more porous than vinyl floors, it's important to protect it with a high-quality polish which will prevent spills or dirt from penetrating and staining the surface, and also add an attractive gloss.

Genuine linoleum is vastly different from vinyl floors. The name is derived from the main ingredient, linseed oil, and is generally produced with other natural ingredients.

The oil is boiled, mixed with melted resins, and combined with powdered cork, wood flour, resins, ground limestone, and other natural materials, with mineral pigments providing the colour. This mixture is formed into a durable sheet by applying heat and pressure. The backing is usually one of jute.


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