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Hardwood and Laminates

If it’s wood plank, chevron or herringbone solid or engineered timber we can supply and install the right product to create the right floor for you. We specialise in re-claimed blocks or timbers for those feture areas.

A floor of authentic, rich hardwood adds an unmistakable air of elegance and style. Character and quality are hallmarks of hardwood flooring. Hardwood imparts a sense of longevity, permanence and lasting appeal – a unique style and beauty.

Hardwood flooring is a fine choice for most active areas where durable finishes are more crucial. Manufacturers have developed outstanding finishes that provide long-term abrasive wear resistance, stain and spillage protection. By bringing out the natural beauty of exotic and native hardwoods through a blend of traditional and modern flooring techniques, Commercial Carpets & Interiors Ltd can create richness and vibrant warmth, cool subtle sophistication, or a unique blend of floor surfaces.



Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors offer exceptional durability and stain resistance and are easy to maintain. Modern manufacturing techniques also mean that an authentic wood effect can now be achieved!

The benefits are easy maintenance and this flooring is virtually stain-proof.


Commercial Wood Flooring

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